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info sur la techno GLNG

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1 info sur la techno GLNG le Mer 19 Aoû - 11:04


Acronyme pour GNL embarqué

techno interessant pour des réserves comprises entre 0,5 et 3 TCF
Durée de construction 3 ans à comparer à 10 ans pour le GNL onshore
Le cout serait de $550-$700 par tonne annuelle à comparé aux $1,200-$1,500 onshore. Pour un projet de 2mtonnes cela ferait entre 780m€ et 1000m€
les experts espère que la première production de FLNG pourrait débuter en 2014
En attendant, le GNL redevient à la mode avec la baisse du prix de convoyage par bateau: de $20 / mmBtu à 4$


What: Conference on commercialising FLNG in Asia

* When: July 28-29

* Debate over whether FLNG (liquefaction) is feasible

* Rising LNG supply may put FLNG projects in doubt

By Felicia Loo

SINGAPORE, July 27 (Reuters) - Ample supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the medium term, combined with the economic downturn, could dull the allure of floating LNG liquefaction terminals and put these developments on ice.

A sharp tightening of credit during the financial crisis means banks now have a lower appetite for risky projects, while buyers show a preference for conventional LNG projects as they seek security in energy supplies.

"In prevailing market conditions, it is not easy even for a conventional LNG project to obtain financing and get the buyers to commit," said Alexis Aik, a consultant with FACTS Global Energy in Singapore.

"For the banks, projects must show that they are economically viable and are able to provide a reasonable rate of return for investors," she added.

FLNG is still untested anywhere in the world, with some industry experts saying that the technical challenges of FLNG are numerous and could be difficult to overcome, such as operating in adverse weather conditions.

"It is therefore understandable that buyers would rather go for conventional (onshore) projects," Aik said.

FLNG liquefaction has attracted growing interest in recent years from oil and gas firms that are seeking alternatives to traditional onshore multi-train liquefaction projects, whereby costs for greenfield liquefaction projects have skyrocketed.

Putting a liquefaction plant on a floating platform is a fast-track option for operators to monetize smaller-sized offshore gas deposits, of between 0.5-3.0 trillion cubic feet, that do not justify the expense of a full-scale onshore facility.

Floating LNG concepts also offer greater flexibility and lower overall cost compared with an onshore terminal. Proponents hope that a shorter construction period would mean they can start producing LNG by 2014, when a forecast supply shortfall in worldwide LNG production kicks in.

Industry experts say FLNG plants take roughly three years to build, compared with an approximately eight to 10 years for conventional onshore LNG projects.

These issues would be the focus of next week's Commercialising FLNG Conference held in Singapore.

Unlike the oil market, which faces an imminent supply crunch if producers stall new projects, the LNG market is likely to remain comfortably supplied until 2015, keeping downward pressure on prices, the International Energy Agency said. [ID:nL944118]

An increase in gas supply, especially from the world's top LNG exporter, Qatar, and falling global gas consumption in the medium term, have also undermined the feasibility of such projects, with most targeting a start-up of around 2011-2013.

"Currently, with the credit crisis, the demand fall-off and the surge in supply from Qatar and Aussie projects will keep LNG prices low," said Tilak Doshi of Falcon Equity Advisors.

Qatar aims to boost its annual LNG production to 77 million tonnes per year in 2010 through the start-up of four huge new LNG production facilities. [ID:nLD549889] [ID:nLD346536]

The fact that most of the proposed FLNG projects are in their infancy and are far from a final investment decision is also keeping potential buyers at bay.

"The FLNG (liquefaction) concept is more attractive under a supply constrained market with a high pricing outlook. In 2008, this was the case and these projects advanced quickly," said Andrew Pearson, a consultant from Wood Mackenzie.

Click [ID:nSP545880] for a table of proposed FLNG projects.

Prices paid for spot cargoes of the super-cooled gas have plunged from over $20 per million British thermal units (mmBtu) when supplies were tight before the global economic slowdown to below $4.00 mmBtu recently.

Despite doubts over its feasibility, proponents of FLNG technology, including Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L), Norway's Flex LNG FLNG.NFF and London-listed Rift Oil (RIFT.L), are still advancing in their projects.

They argue that such technology is more flexible, as the production unit could be moved elsewhere once the deposit is used up. In addition, locating the facility offshore may overcome safety, security or political concerns.

They also hope FLNG will be cheaper than its alternatives.

It would cost Flex between $550-$700 per tonne of annual capacity to build a floating LNG project, compared with $1,200-$1,500 for current onshore projects, which was the cost of Woodside's (WPL.AX) Pluto project.

At the end of the day, it is the buyer's call based on current economics, analysts say.

"The market's still unfolding and some buyers are hoping to get better price deals as more supplies come online," said FACTS Global Energy's Aik, referring to long-term supply contract deals of 15-20 years. (Reporting by Felicia Loo, additional reporting by Fayen Wong in Perth)

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2 Ce que vaut un projet 2mt/an le Mer 19 Aoû - 11:22


2485 millons de mètres cubes de gaz / an
ou 17 000 000 barils eq / an soit 41 000 b/j equivalent...
A 1000m€ le bateau, cela fait du 6$/bl sur une exploitation de 10 ans....

site pour les conversions buggé (Milliard de T GNL, il faut lire Million de T GNL)

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