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Orca News--------

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1Orca News-------- Empty Orca News-------- le Jeu 1 Jan - 23:56


orca Tanzanie 10:19 01/10/08
Orca provides results of independent resource report on the Songo Songo West prospect
Published Oct 1, 2008
Orca Exploration Group Inc. says that McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd. has finalised its report on the resource potential of the Songo Songo West prospect that lies 2.5 kilometres west of the existing Songo Songo field. The Songo Songo West prospect has a similar geological structure to the Songo Songo field and is expected to have trapped gas in the same reservoir.

The prospect is interpreted by McDaniel as having a high geological chance of
success of 52% in the Neocomian and 35% in the Cenomanian reservoirs.

The size of the prospect compares extremely favourably with the Songo Songo field
that contains total gross 2P recoverable Additional Gas reserves of approximately
500 Bcf on a life of licence basis (gross to the Company 474 Bcf with an
NPV 10 of US$255 million) that is available to be marketed and sold by Orca
under the terms of the PSA with the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation.

Orca has tendered for a jack up rig with a view to testing the prospect in 2009.
The Company is currently looking for another operator in East Africa to share
the costs of the rig and ancillary services.

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Orca Exploration Group Inc. previously operated as EastCoast Energy Corporation.
EastCoast Energy was originally a subsidiary of PanOcean Energy Corporation,
but in August 2004, it was distributed to the shareholders and separately listed on
the TSXV under the symbols ECE.A and ECE.B. On 14 November 2006
EastCoast Energy shareholders approved a name change to Orca Exploration Group Inc.
Upon approval of regulatory authorities, Orca commenced trading on the TSXV on 4 April 2007.

Orca Exploration Touts 14% Increase in Proved, Probable Reserves
Orca Exploration Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Since the Orca Exploration's incorporation in 2004, independent evaluation of the Songo Songo field's Additional Gas reserve has increased proven and probable ("2P") reserves 86% from 255 Bcf to 474 Bcf.

At year end 2007, Orca's independent reserve evaluator, McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd., increased its 2P estimate of Songo Songo recoverable reserves on a life of licence basis from 415 Bcf at year end 2006

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to 474 Bcf. In addition McDaniel included a proven, probable and possible ("3P") category on a life of licence basis of 783 Bcf of recoverable Additional Gas reserves.

Provided the Songo Songo field pressure declines remain consistent with historical trends, and there is a successful drilling of an appraisal well at Songo Songo North, Orca anticipates that the 2P reserve estimates will increase to the level of the 3P number over time. Confirmation of Songo Songo's increased reserves has been achieved through diligent monitoring of the sub surface. The drilling of SS-10 has provided extensive data has on the field for the first time in 25 years as well as adding 80 Mmscf/d of deliverability when combined with the remedial work undertaken on SS-9. The well also contributed the major portion of the increase in reserves in 2007.

The Company remains committed to exploration for new oil and gas reserves. Orca is excited by its Songo Songo West exploration prospect that could add approximately 350 Bcf of reserves if gas is discovered. The Company intends to drill a vertical well on this prospect once a suitable jack-up rig can be contracted.

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2Orca News-------- Empty resultats Q3 2008 le Jeu 1 Jan - 23:57


Orca Exploration announces its results for the quarter ended 30 September 2008
Thu Nov 27, 2:48 PM
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TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, Nov. 27 /CNW/ - Orca Exploration Group Inc ("Orca Exploration" or the "Company") announces its results for the quarter ended 30 September 2008.

Financial and Operating Highlights

- 15% increase in Orca Exploration's Q3 revenues to US$7.3 million (Q3
2007: US$6.4 million).

- Increased Q3 2008 sales of Additional Gas to the power sector by 6%
to 2,097 Mmscf (Q3 2007: 1,974 Mmscf). This equated to an average of
22.8 Mmscf/d (Q3 2007: 21.5 Mmscf/d). Gas sales to the power sector
are now underpinned by the long term gas demand by the TANESCO
Wartsila 100 MW plant and the sixth turbine at Ubungo. The average
price for the gas to the power sector was US$2.41/mcf (Q3 2007: US

- Q3 2008 sales of Additional Gas to industrial customers decreased by
4% to 425 Mmscf (Q3 2007: 442 Mmscf). This equated to an average of
4.6 Mmscf/d (Q3 2007: 4.8 Mmscf/d). Average prices were 39% higher at
US$13.29/mcf resulting in a 33% increase in industrial sales revenue
when compared to Q3 2007.

- 1% increase in funds flow from operations to US$3.8 million (Q3 2007:
US$3.7 million). The Company forecasts that it has sufficient working
capital to fund its 2009 capital program.

- Orca Exploration signed a five year contract with Tanzania Portland
Cement Company ("TPCC"), a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement, for the
supply of gas to a new US$100 million kiln at its Wazo Hill plant in
Dar es Salaam. The contract is forecast to commence in the first half
of 2009 when the kiln is commissioned. Initially, it is forecast that
2 Mmscf/d of Additional Gas will be supplied under the contract, but
this is expected to increase to in excess of 6 Mmscf/d by 2012 as
TPCC overhauls its existing kilns and brings them back on production
to meet increasing demand.

- McDaniel and Associates Consultants Ltd finalised their resource
evaluation report of the Songo Songo West prospect which lies 2.5 km
west of the Songo Songo field and within the Company's licence
acreage. The report concluded the prospect has recoverable mean
unrisked gas resources of 552 Bcf with a one in two chance of
success. This compares favourably with the gross life of field
Additional Gas reserves of 500 Bcf at Songo Songo that is currently
being marketed by Orca under the terms of the production sharing
agreement with the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation

- Tendered for a jack up rig with the view to drilling the Songo Songo
West prospect. Given the current contraction in the financial
markets, Orca will defer the drilling until 2010 when it is also
forecast that drilling costs will have fallen.

- In Q3 2008, Orca Exploration ordered US$2.5 million of compressed
natural gas ("CNG") facilities, consisting of a compressor, a vehicle
dispenser and two trailer filling facilities to deliver 0.7 Mmscf/d
of compressed natural gas to industrial customers in Dar es Salaam.
The facilities are expected to be operational during Q1 2009.

- As operator of the gas processing plant, constructed pipework and
mobilised the equipment to install two new higher capacity Joule-
Thompson valves ("JT Valves") at the existing gas processing plant
with the objective of increasing the capacity of two existing trains
from 70 Mmscf/d to 90 Mmscf/d. The owner of the facilities, Songas
Limited, approved the installation of the JT Valves on one of the
trains in November and the Company successfully implemented the work.
The impact of the modifications on the train is currently being
evaluated before Songas will issue the notice to proceed on the
second train. Lloyds Register will then formally re-rate the plant.
It is expected that this will occur in Q1 2009.

Three months ended Nine months ended
(US$'000 except where 30-Sep 30-Sep 30-Sep 30-Sep
otherwise stated) 2008 2007 Change 2008 2007 Change
------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Revenue 7,301 6,363 15% 17,411 13,215 32%
Profit/(loss) before
taxation 1,609 3,012 (47%) (7,831) 2,918 -
Operating netback
(US$/mcf) 2.79 2.30 21% 2.71 2.32 17%
Cash and cash
equivalents 11,178 27,436 (59%) 11,178 27,436 (59%)
Working capital 8,705 20,938 (58%) 8,705 20,938 (58%)
Shareholders' equity 64,142 70,996 (10%) 64,142 70,996 (10%)
Profit/(loss) per
share - basic (US$) 0.03 0.07 (57%) (0.32) 0.05 -
Profit/(loss) per share
- diluted (US$) 0.03 0.06 (50%) (0.32) 0.05 -
Funds from operations
before working capital
changes 3,773 3,718 1% 7,783 5,998 30%
Funds per share from
operations before
working capital changes
- basic (US$) 0.13 0.13 0% 0.26 0.22 18%
Funds per share from
operations before working
capital changes -
diluted (US$) 0.12 0.12 0% 0.25 0.20 25%
Net cash flows from
operating activities 363 2,292 (84%) 5,765 4,076 41%
Net cash flows per share
from operating activities
- basic (US$) 0.01 0.08 (88%) 0.19 0.15 27%
Net cash flows per share
from operating activities
- diluted (US$) 0.01 0.07 (86%) 0.19 0.14 36%
Outstanding Shares ('000)
Class A shares 1,751 1,751 0% 1,751 1,751 0%
Class B shares 27,863 27,881 0% 27,863 27,881 0%
Options 2,847 2,622 9% 2,847 2,622 9%
------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Additional Gas sold
(Mmscf) - industrial 425 442 (4%) 1,083 1,140 (5%)
Additional Gas sold
(Mmscf) - power 2,097 1,974 6% 5,036 4,075 24%
Average price per mcf
(US$) - industrial 13.29 9.58 39% 12.67 8.75 45%
Average price per mcf
(US$) - power 2.41 2.19 10% 2.37 2.19 8%
------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

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3Orca News-------- Empty Programme investissements en 2009 le Ven 2 Jan - 19:30


Orca a publié le 15/12 son programme d'investissement centré sur la Tanzanie
11m$ financé par le cash interne et permettant vendre plus de gaz en Tanzanie dans le milieu
industriel avec des ventes en accroissement de 5 mmscf/jour (Million Standard Cubic Feet (oil industry)
11m$, c'ets principalement un construction d'un pipe de 10km et l'extension des installations

Donc, petits invests mais compagnie autonome en cash pour 2009

Calcul du CA suppémentaire pour ORCA en annéee pleine:
- prix moyen du mcf industriel en Tanzanie: 12,97 $
- " " " " pour l'énergie: 2,93 $

soit un CA/jour de 0,064 m$/jour et 23m$ par an

cubic feet, cubic foot, cubic ft
cu ft, cu feet, cu foot
ft³, feet³, foot³
feet^3, foot^3, ft^3
feet/-3, foot/-3, ft/-3
CCF for 100 cubic feet (C denotes centum, hundred. Used in the billing of natural gas and water delivered to households.)
MCF for 1,000 cubic feet (M denotes mil, thousand)
MMCF for 1,000,000 cubic feet
BCF for 1,000,000,000 cubic feet


Article complet

News Media Stories NEWS RELEASE15 December 2008

Orca Exploration announces approval of 2009 capital program
Orca Exploration Group Inc ("Orca") announces that the Board of Directors has approved a US$11 million capital program for its gas asset in Tanzania in 2009.

The majority of the capital will be allocated to the expansion of Orca’s downstream distribution systems so as to increase the sale of gas to the industrial customers in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro by a forecast 5 mmscf/d by the end of 2009. It will include the construction of 10 kilometers of additional low pressure pipeline, the installation of a new pressure reduction station at the cement producer, Tanzania Portland Cement Company, and the expansion of Orca’s compressed natural gas facilities.

Orca will fund this capital program from internally generated cash flow while increasing its current cash deposits of US$10 million over the course of the year.

The demand for natural gas continues to grow in Tanzania and Orca remains committed to identify ways to increase reserves, expand markets, reduce costs and monetise its assets

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