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La tanzanie met ses voiture au gaz

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1 La tanzanie met ses voiture au gaz le Dim 28 Déc - 14:38


de la part de gg

Tanzanie projet 400 voitures au gnc 11:25 28/12/08
Tanzania will change to NGV the entire number of cars in the biggest city

The Tanzanian government plans to convert the total number of cars. As start of this proyect, the government and the company PanAfrican Energy, a unit of Orca Exploration Group, will have up to 400 natural-gas powered vehicles on the streets of the biggest city, Dar es Salaam by, March 2009.
To help with this official decision, the company and state-run Tanzania Petroleum Development will spend $3 million to build two natural-gas compression and refueling stations in Dar es Salaam by the first quarter of next year. The target is to convert at least 10,000 hybrid cars, buses and trucks to natural gas at a cost $30 million over the next five years and to sell CNG through existing filling stations, said Frederick Kibodya, Commercial Manager of PanAfrican Energy.
The natural gas will come from Tanzania’s eastern Songo Songo island via a pipeline to Dar es Salaam, 248 kilometers (155 miles) to the north. PanAfrican Energy and Tanzania Petroleum Development share production rights and operate the Songo Songo natural gas plant, which processes about 70 million cubic feet (two million cubic meters) per day for industrial customers, he added.
However, production may rise to 90 million cubic feet per day by year-end as a result of plant upgrades. Using natural gas to fuel cars and power industries is an economical alternative to petroleum and may cut down the number of pollutants in the environment, said Kibodya. Kits to convert vehicles to run on compressed natural gas will be imported from countries such as Pakistan and India, he said.

Market Developments
Source - The East African
Thursday, 24 July 2008 11:29
Tanzania, Nairobi

The Tanzanian government is to reportedly spend $35 million to set up a natural gas project in Dar es Salaam to solve the country's fuel crisis. The project is apparently expected to be completed by March 2009 and will be undertaken by the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and Chinese based Ultimate Petroleum Technology. Servicing residential homes and commercial customers as well, a compression facility is to be set up to provide fuel for 200 vehicles. The second phase of the project will extend refueling availability and include up to 8,000 vehicles.

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